Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tidy mind, tidy stitches.

Hang on....  I actually subscribe to the philosophy of a tidy desk means a sick mind. So how do I get to a tidy mind equates tidy stitches.  Well I find a messy work bench hinders creativity.

I find Ravelry was brilliant for organising my yarn stash theoretically but I am working on dealing with my stash in real life. One of the first things is I am doing is trying to get it under control. I am doing the Stash down in 2011 and so far so good. I have only brought 3 skeins of yarn while there has been over 30 skeins come out of the stash.  I have been using large plastic crates for my yarn stash but I am currently in the process of refurbishing an old steamer trunk into my yarn trunk.

Above is a picture of what drawers should be there in my trunk but they are missing.  I am wanting to replace the drawers with Palclear UV.  This is a clear perspex product that will allow the contents of the drawers to be viewed but has the UV protection in so if the trunk is standing open sunlight does not damage the draw contents. The lining material also needs replacing and the outside of the trunk also needs work.  But I estimate that this option will provide approximately 4 plastic crates worth of storage but also provide me with beautiful display piece.

As part of the fit out of the trunk will also creating storage space for the various Nameste bags and other accessories that I have.  I just love my nameste bags and I will be acquiring a couple more.