Friday, 15 April 2011

It is a quiet day in Liverpool

Today is that day again in Liverpool when you know their hearts are bleeding.  Normally even in the grimmest of weather the Scouser will have a ready crack but not today. Not ever again on the 15th of April. Even though there was dissertation madness on with 900 BSc students handing in, the university was just dead between 2pm and 4pm with hardly anyone around.

Why? Today was the Hillsborough Disaster anniversary it is 22 years since 96 Liverpool fans were killed in a stadium crush. Imagine you said see you later to your love ones as they go off to see their team play and then they don't come home. There was many a Liverpool scarf to be seen today and you could see the tears were close for many as they walked the streets.

There was a Memorial Service 2011 at Ainfield. The university did the traditional minute of silence at 3:06 pm. Even those students who have no connection to football or real understanding of what was going on today just knew that there was something strange about today and it was time for silence. It was quieter than Remembrance day.

"You will never walk alone"