Saturday, 16 April 2011

Dublin Bay Socks

Well I had four different socks on the double pointed needles and I could not face casting on another pattern until I shifted at least one of the half finished socks off the double pointed needles. Also I think the word "Divorce" may have been banded about if I brought even more double pointed needles of the same size.  Hubby was a little concerned about the number of hedgehogs that I had laying round the house which he could accidentally stab himself with. 

Not the greatest photo but they are done. These socks have been knitted in some ubiquitous Regina that I had knocking around so they are a destashing pair and the pattern is  Dublin bay Socks.  I would do the pattern again but I think a plain or strip rather than this mottled variegation would have been better. The camera has gone awol again and I am definitely blaming one of the children again. I know who to blame but they are denying it of course. "No Mum I have not seen your camera since I used it for my assignment and I put it back in the cupboard." Yeap right the same sort of put it away like the clothes on your bed room floor. Not well enough in my book.

Ok so I have three other patterns of socks on the needles so I need to get cracking some more so I can catch back up with the A-Z kal. I need to cast the next pattern on by the 22nd so I have to get a shifty on. Lets just say I am a little behind....