Friday, 5 November 2010

Nanowrimo and NABloPoMo

So to support daughter in NaNoWriMo I thought and planned to do NaBloPoMo but life got in the way big time. NaBloPoMo is where you blog every day for a month. This week after a lovely weekend event and break from the workplace I ended up with major drama which threw a spanner in the works.  I can not seem to get away from drama.

This weeks drama included the Daughter on her way home from school college early in the week playing chicken with a taxi on a zebra crossing.  She managed to get knocked down by a private hire taxi on the zebra crossing out the front of the campus. I was in the City Centre of Liverpool and lets just say I was not doing the correct speed limit on my journey to Royal Preston Hospital up the M58 or M6 motorways.  She is so lucky that she is alive.  Somehow she did the family trick and bounced out of this accident - she has cuts, bruises and concussion. Bruises included the taxi bumper and grill shape on her right leg.  Thanks to all those who helped me keep my sanity and the well wishers.  She is home now but we are very very thankful that it was any worse especially given the family history of pedestrian mvas.  We bounce so many times and then we dont - dont ask we have lots of accidents blame the dyspraxia and jonahism.

So between daughter and work I have had a bit of horrendous week and have been so shattered that I have not got anymore spinning done from my fibre that I brought at Fibre Flurry but I plan to rectify that tonight as I think a little spinning might help me wind down from the frantic pace of this week.

Daughter has made me feel very very old this week and I am blaming her for all the grey hairs which have turned white with fright. I might be able to get my granny card based on my looks soon if she keeps these antics up. Does that mean that I am automatically a master knitter? Cause everyone knows only Granny's knit. xP