Monday, 1 November 2010

Fibre Flurry

So it was very early when I got up on Saturday morning as it was a case of being  a little hyperactive about going away for the day to Fibre Flurry and catching up with other yarnies including some of Knit camp Survivors such as Nic ala talesfromtheplain. I want one of the t-shirts when you do one!!!  Nic keeps talking about getting a shirt which says "I survived Knit Camp 2010" or something like that. At the start of the trip down there was a slight hiccup when the husbeast disappears down to the shops in the car just as I am need to get into it to travel to pick up my co-yarnie, Mrs Magic, in Prescot at our prearranged time.  I was about 20 minutes late to pick her up and we made it down to Brummyland in about 2 hours on the M6. Not bad for the nightmare stretch of the motorway.

While in Brummyland I caught up with Bec, Kate and lots of others.  I also got to see Sarah (aka mamalonglegs on Twitter) and get some more of her babylonglegs' yarns and fibre  for my stash.  As promised I took the Goblin yarn shawl, the April Leaves, down to Brummyland so she could see it in person.

Before I left in the morning there was a mad call up the stairs  to the daughter at about 7am for her shawl.  She did not like the wake up call but I think was good payback as this hand knit was in the typical teenager's storage space again - on her bedroom floor.  The super wash and lovely nature of babylonglegs dye was what attracted me to Sarah's skeins in first time and I so wanted some more for my stash.  This time I actively stepped away from her greens cause I want it all for ME as daughter automatically assumes if it is green that I am knitting for her and if not will drop a paddy about not getting the green knitting.

Fallen Leaves in the lovely Goblin by Babylonglegs.
In one part of the marketplace rooms it was a North West Lovefest with the Krafty Koala and some other locals and of course I had to support them. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it although Krafty your fibre has no storage staying power.  I am currently spinning some lovely Falkland Merino from the Krafty Koala it really did not stay in the stash for very long. It was a grand total of about 15 hours from when I brought home and put it in the stash to breaking it out and starting the first bobbin.  I will get some photos of my goodies up later in the week when I get some daylight to do photos in now the clocks have gone back an hour.

While the drive down was ok the trip back was a little slow due to the traffic. So it was very tired Mrs Magic dropped off in Prescot and I was home in the dark.  The clocks went back on Saturday night so my crash into bed and sleep in was actually an hour longer than the official clock time. I had a very lazy Sunday and did not move much other than petting the new pretties. Some how the one of the new fibres ended up on the Wendy wheel so I did do something constructive but not very much.  At this point in time I am saying that any spinning I am doing is going to be for Xmas swaps and other pressies.

Do you realise we have 52 days to go to YULE (XMAS)? OMG shoot me now I am so far behind I think I will not make it all this year.