Monday, 8 November 2010


When I was a kid and learning to drive my dad made us learn basic car 101.  These basics were important and we had to pass them before we were allowed to drive on our own.

Tonight I pulled out my basics which Dad taught me and used my knowledge to rescue a couple of women at hubby's work.  I dont know who was more surprised the women or the security guards who did absolutely nothing to help but watched in complete awe at woman who did not need to call the AA or RAC man.

Black to Black and Red to Red when you cable up for a jump start.

The football playing security guard admitted he did not even know how to change a flat tyre. So women are useless when it comes to cars.... 

The surprise of everyone was a little shocking and it is a bit like the shock people have that someone under 70 knits for pleasure or knits full stop. Hello what happens we have a cataclysmic disaster and turns the world back fifty years. My grandmother had to make socks for her children.