Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The complete gall

It appears that the knit camp dis-organiser has recovered. Some miracle there who has done a cure for you.  Would you like to share the name of your miracle worker? I am sure suklycat and I would be most appreciative of a miracle cure.

I am absolutely spitting chips this woman who has screwed staff and tutors over a large amount of money is back in business. We are talking tens of thousands. Hello how can she still be operating?? What planet are we on if this sort of bad trader is still getting away this crap? Get your pitch forks out cause I most certainly be protesting about this. Guess what ebay complaints about this trader will be made? Paypal?

What about an apology to all people and organisations you have screwed over then?  Are you going to pay them from your sales on ebay???  Do the people on Ebay realise that they have been very fortunate to have a "nice smooth transaction"?  So many of us, yarnies, have experienced transactions which were definitely not smooth or super fast.

I am so galled that she even thinks that she can continue to trade and use her website which was off line for a while with a please note the mobile phone number is no longer in use message.  How can this woman even think she can continue on her merry way and not do any sort of restitution?

Come on Karma! It is time we stop being polite and nice brits and bite back hard.