Saturday, 16 October 2010

A strange week

This week has been a strange knitting week thanks to time scales and not getting very far on the knitting front.

It has been bleak.
Well I have an excuse as 2 PhD students handed in their theses and then another post grad student couple worked on their other creative research project which arrived at midnight on Thursday night - a baby boy.  

No name yet, Mum and Dad are discussing it.
This  student couple had a tough time last year when they lost a baby during delivery.  So during this pregnancy Mr and Mrs Postgrad Student had been highly anxious and very concerned about the pregnancy and the delivery. Due to the family history the consultant brought Mrs Postgrad in Thursday at 9am for an induction. Baby arrived at midnight and looked absolutely adorable in the special care nursery when I visited them on Friday after work. All going well Mrs Postgrad and baby will be back in class on Wednesday next week as a baby is not an excuse for stopping a Masters.

Looking forward to graduation next year.
Baby knitting wise this week I have had a complete fail just the continued fallout for the last eight weeks.  I think tomorrow I am going to spend the day pottering in the coal shed and may be I will get some of mojo back. This is the longest mojo disappearance that I have had in a long time we are talking years since it has been over 8 weeks without knitting regularly on a project.