Friday, 22 October 2010

Inset Day Baking

Today the boyo stayed home and I ended up home early. I was having one of those days when you should never leave your bed let alone go through the your front door out into public. After one too many bad things I listened to the omens and returned home while I was still in one piece. So since I was home I got the brown eyes from the boyo he wanted to do some baking.  He is still not allowed to do baking with no one home. He can do a reheat or put prepared meal on but I just don't want to admit that my youngest is almost fully grown up so he can not bake without supervision.

Getting the flavourings ready for crock pot
So we got the crock pot going so we can let it bubble away. The boyo is a good cook so I ended up being the executive chief and he was the demi doing all the work. So the Moroccan Chicken was put on which was a lovely meal tonight with cous cous some 8 hours later. Then after doing the backlog of dishes.We got the ingredients out. At this point the boyo asked a question about M&M which we did not have in the house and suggested that we do M&M cookies. He even volunteered for the shop and being one not to look a gift horse in the mouth I handed over the cash and a small shopping list (Bread, M&Ms, orange juice) and he was off, out and back before I could even drink the coffee that I had  brewed when I sent him out the door with the list.

Batch waiting to go in oven
The first tray were eaten before they cooled. I think the boyo likes rainbow cookies quiet a lot. Since he did cookies I did another batch of cup cakes so Ry would not get upset when she got home from College today. She is not a fan of cookies but has a real cup cake fetish.

Ended up with 24 of these.
The boyo and the rest of the family this afternoon and evening have steadily working their way through the cookies. We now have a grand total of two left. I can see a fight coming on for the last cookie.

Mine nope it is MINE!!!
Knitting wise I have not really got anything done. I think I need a complete break from knitting and then I might be able to pick up the needles again.