Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Saints of this World

JaneKal on Ravelry is one of the Saints of this world and she does not deserved the crap she has been getting online in PMs and some of those Posts in Ravelry threads.

Those who are now ranting and raving that the Stirling Tutor Fund is a scam need to pull their heads in as listen to the facts.

  1. Tutors who attended Knit Camp and who this fund is for have nominated a neutral representative and they have had meetings about their situation.
  2. The Accountancy firm has been appointed is held in good stead by the professional organisation, they are registered with company house and recommended by the regional business link office (Government approval for new businesses)
  3. JaneKAL has gone above and beyond in ensuring that all queries have been answered in a timely manner and dotted her I's and crossed her T's to ensure the paperwork and administration matters have been set up to address the concerns for legitimate and best business practices.
  4. The Stirling Tutor Fund is not stopping anyone from taking legal action but has stepped up to help tutors to address the missing income they need to pay the expenses they incurred by teaching at UK Knit camp.  
  5. Casey and the Rav team would not have paypal link button setup for this fund or allow any of the posts announcing this fund to remain if they were not assured that the fund was legitimate and above board.