Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Dear Bunnies

As I am strong believer in Karma your various messages that JW "is very seriously ill at the moment and any further negative comments or pressure could cause her to have a full blown Nervous Breakdown or worse. It would be desirable for people to stop posting things about knitcamp or JW in light of the further distress it is causing her" are not appreciated or accepted.  Karma is biting her back on the arse for all the trouble she has caused others. People are physically sick with worry over how they can go about meeting their financial responsibilities thanks to her failure to pay them.

I WILL NOT STOP POSTING about Knit camp and JW's total incompetence. I do not think her further distress has anything to do with matter as she has failed to meet or acknowledge her obligations to her staff and the tutors whom she had legal contracts with. They did their job and they have a right to payment. As I have previously stated work without recompense is slavery.

Her failure to run a business added to her previous business track record including Bankruptcy is more than enough evidence for me to continue to be shouting about KNIT CAMP to warn anyone who is unfortunate enough to come into contact with this woman or attempt to ensure that this type of incident does not happen again.

JW's failure to acknowledge the issues in addition to the failure to pay has created serious impact on tutors, staff members, traders and attendees. The form letters sent out by DW make a total mockery about the consideration that JW will eventually make recompense for the distress and financial losses especially if you read her post event posting on the Knit Camp blog it becomes particularly galling and reflects her total lack of professionalism.


In the whole drama the only ones who I have sympathy for is the innocent children of JW and DW,who have done nothing to deserve the drama they have been dragged through and had to live through thanks to their mother.