Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Fund raising for Knit Camp Tutors

The wonderful JaneKAL has come up trumps.  Details of how to make a donation to the Knit Camp Tutor Fund below this was JanKal post on Ravelry.


Many people have expressed a wish to help with the situation regarding non-payment of teaching fees and travelling expenses to most of the Knit Camp Tutors (Instructors), so a fund account has now been set up. Respect & privacy for tutors and security & confidence for donors are paramount. Therefore the fund is being managed by Accountants, the cost of which has been donated, so every penny/cent donated will go straight into the Tutor Fund.

The Knit Camp Tutors have got together as a group and all money donated and raised will be paid by the accountant directly to each individual within the group. The group as a whole will decide distribution and this information will remain private.

The account is being managed by Clifford Towers Chartered Accountants, and audited accounts will be made available – note that details of individual donors and recipients will remain private. Clifford Towers is registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

The fund will be open for donations and proceeds of fund raising until the end of October 2010. There is a need for funds to be donated and distributed asap. Anyone with fund raising that may go on longer, please contact JaneKal (on Ravelry)

If you wish to donate to the fund using PayPal - here is how:
Email address to use :---- rostatum@cliffordtowers.com  (double click to send email, copy address to use on your PayPal account page)

Reference to use:  Stirling Tutor Group Fund
Enter this in the subject and/or message box at the bottom of the PayPal page in the ‘optional email to recipient’ box.

For further information, or to pay by cheque (UK only) you can telephone the number below or email Ros at the address above.

Telephone number: 01788 577613 (hours 9.30am to 12 noon, UK time, Monday to Friday)


Go on give them your coffee or lunch money for one day. Chuck cost of one skein of your favourite yarn into the lolly jar. These people did not deserved to be treated this way. Keep these Creatives fed so they can create for you.