Monday, 4 October 2010

Follow up to Knit camp continues

After finally putting my thoughts online about the whole debarkle that was knit camp life has not got any better for me knitting wise but that sort of matches the other sh*te what is happening in my Real Life.  Isnt it the way that trouble comes in threes.  Well hopefully we as a family have now had our three and are on our way to a more settled place.  Real life can be a complete pain in the arse and there are times you need to step back to work out what is important to you and your family.   The last weekend has been amazing with the husbeast and kids and it helped in so many ways to put life into perspective.  Also the husbeast is a fairly good cook and he certainly kept me fed with comfort food for the last couple of days.

It has been a windy road

While things will be tough for us for a little while thanks to the reduction of income stream, I have enough fingers in as many pies to help keep us afloat and explore the new opportinities that have developed in the last week. As a family we are all now geared with an action plan along with an attitude check for mother (me) to stop worrying about things I have no control over.

So many angels working to help
those suffering

I also have to say thank you to the wonderful fibreclaireuk who posted a link to my blog post over Knit camp in a couple of threads.  The personal responses and the public ones have been encouraging that I was being rational over issues which continue to cause pain and suffering for so many.  Yes the whole situation has been depressing and there appears to be limited recompence through the justice system for everyone involved but  I have been following the developments by JanKAL and am looking forward to announcing that when it is launched.  JanKAL has been working her golden fibre heart off to help with addressing the reinbursement of tutors so watch this space.  When it is all systems go I will be shouting about it from the roof tops.