Thursday, 4 February 2010

Tango BSJ Story and the continuing saga of Dissertations

Well I am still in the hole which is better known as the saga of Dissertations. I have now calmed down about what happened with the BSJ last week so I have included the project notes that I have on Ravelry for this project.
The story of the Tango BSJ
This one was a bit of drag queen event as it was knitted twice. Yes you heard or read that right.
The first time I was down to the last six rows and a certain dog in this house decided to have a discussion with the cats in the household - of course he lost big time. He ended up wearing a BSJ circular needle restraint and the hubby rescued him via a frogging exercise.Hubby was most apologetic when he was telling me that he had rescued my knitting and lovely yarn.
The next version of this one started well and everything was going swimmingly but thanks to the insanity of work hours it just was never getting there. It took a week to knit including a weekend when I have previously managed to knock one of these babies out in two tv nights.
I got the basic BSJ finished but again the two time hoodoo got to the collar which I like to add on to boy styled BSJ. I stuffed it up and only realised as I was starting to cast off.
Rip Rip wood chip and a lot of swear words later the second attempt of the collar was started I got to one row before cast off and it took three days before I managed to get any further just through that horrible infliction called paid work. Have you heard of it?
I now have to do something about buttons and get this sucker blocked and photographed. Will I have to do that two times? I hope not.
PS. I ended up having to have a second attempt for the photo as when trying to get the photo the first time I some how managed to stuff it up yet again.