Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Dissertation Madness

Yes it is that time of year again Dissertation madness has struck. I have been a little insane slightly bouncing for acceptance into local secure unit mental hospital with a couple of head desk moments like explaining to a student that 10% allowance on a word limit does not mean you can write and waffle on to your hearts content. Ie if it says 6,000 words this does not mean 21,000 of drivel. I have been so tired that I have struggled to get any knitting done. It has been an uphill battle with some students a bit like Clifton Tower hill in York (see photo). I can normally knit a BSJ in a couple nights in front of the TV but I have struggled for over a week to complete a BSJ.

This week as been a little glum with a friend's funeral but I have managed to soldier on. But I had I sort of have a week that matched the gloomy mood of the week. As things run in threes on Tuesday morning I came downstairs to a broken laptop - OMG I need my Ravelry and a mucked up BSJ. I only had 6 rows left to do on the BSJ. It was a rip rip wood chip job. I now back on row 6 from cast on. How am I going to survive with out my daily doses of Ravelry??? What no computer for a week who has chopped off my lifeline to the world?