Sunday, 7 February 2010

Black Saturday 1 year on

Well it is one year on since we lived through the terror of the Black Saturday Fires and the desperation of not being in the same state let alone the same country and waiting for news from the Flowerdale and Maryville family members. Today I was quiet glum I could not seem to get into my happy place.

So as part of my insanity due to my gloominess I ended up signing up for the Yarn Harlot's Winter Olympic Challenge. Is it pure hope or absolute desperation that my participation in this international event will resolve my emotional issues. Could it be that I am looking to a extreme form of escapism through my total disregard for the realities of knitting a 4 XL sweater for my hubby, J, who sometimes could be described as a silver back gorilla (especially when you consider his arm measurements). Oh well this one way I could get J's Birthday present & Christmas request done in time for his Birthday in March.