Sunday, 28 February 2010

Knitting Olympics Medal wrap up

I cast on J's jumper on 14/2/10 and it was a case of knitting down to the wire. I managed to get the back completed in one night and then took a week to knit the sleeve around work commitments.

I finally managed to finish the first sleeve on 20/02/10 while in the pictures. Of course I had enough time to cast on the next piece but I had left the pattern at home and the wool for the next piece at home. So I sat through the movie without any knitting Talk about going cold turkey!

I got the next piece cast on on the 21/02/10 but somehow I did not managed to get the piece finished in one day it took another night in front of the TV watching the games before I managed to finish the front. Again I took another working week to finish the next sleeve and for a while there I felt that I was having a ground hog moment. 26/02/10 front and back seamed and then started the neck band and hood . Completed all piece work and started the sewing up of this project. All I can say is that this man has huge arms and a long body to match what to do you expect when he is 4XL (XXXXL)

Finished the sewing this project late on the 26th or early in the morning of the 27th.

I then cast on the group hat project for Team PISS DRUNK. I have knitted a binary message in it which just tickles my fancy.... This object was cast off in time to watch the Canada vs USA men's hockey game. Camera as died so it is time to get camera repair via the first aid tent. I had thought it was batteries but nope it was dead as a dodo .