Saturday, 13 February 2010

Opening Ceremony

So I stayed up and restarted the knitting on my elegant baby jacket while watching the Opening ceremony. I managed to get to an almost completed second sleeve. This project is my warm up event and is entered into the Works in Progress Dancing. I thought that this event would be a good warm up event for the big daddy of them all the Sweaterboard Cross event ie knitting a sweater.

So as preparation for the opening ceremony I was pulled out this stalled WIP and managed to work out were I was in the pattern it took a while and a lot of head scratching. I ended up taking the WIP and a reprint of the pattern (I had lost it - What do you expect? Organisation?) to knit night so that I could get a more experience eye to check that I was reading my pattern and knitting. You know when you get cold feet I needed some hand holding - Thanks Sue!

After not knitting for the last couple of days I was itching for it. I was so desperate to get knitting..... I got myself all set up with a hot water bottle, doona, chocolates, hot coffee and a toddy of rum, laptop, dog, pattern and needles at the ready. Crack of the fireworks and we were off.

During the ceremony I managed to get from the armhole separation point where I had stalled over a month ago to an almost completed second sleeve.

After rolling into bed at about 5:30 I managed to get a short nap until about 8am. I finished the second sleeve before heading out to a busy day at work at 9am. On my return from for I managed to finish the collar and sewed all the ends in. All it needs now is a photo but that means I need light and a camera that works. Camera needs batteries and it is now late at night so that will have to wait for another day.