Monday, 7 December 2009

18 days to go

By my calculations I have 18 days and 17 nights to go until D-Day (Christmas). Suddenly the season is upon us and I am thinking OMG I just am so under prepared. Even though I am very bah humbug about the whole Xmas experience I try and make the effort for the kids. I think we will be having our first Xmas at home in about 4 years as we have not organised anything thanks to recent lung lergy.

The biggest problem I have is work interfering with knitting time. Since last Monday I have done about 120 hours at work including Graduation on Saturday. I rolled back out on Sunday afternoon to undertake student assessments for dyslexia, there has been a bit of a backlog. I have been doing slippers as stocking fillers thinking that they are small, portable and as a project would be easy to pick up and put down. So how long do you think that a slipper for a child size 2 would take? One hour, two hours, an evening Nope it has been almost a week for just one slipper!