Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Spring has sprung!

Now that I have said that we will get a dumping of snow. Oh what a cynical cow that I am. The crocuses have been out for a week or so in odd places. Now the patch in the front border has suddenly gone bang with their bright yellow colour.  I swear they were not there like this yesterday.

I love the count down from Xmas towards spring as with the Equinox we start to see the light come into the days and things not be so bleak. Since Xmas the weather here has been that dark damp drizzle that says winter but on Monday we had patches of Sunlight. Today it was what I call an early Spring day. The singing birds are returning and the cherry trees are budding. All the signs that spring is really and truly on its way. Normally I don't say spring is here until the first daffodil appears. But I think we can say that it almost going to appear.  The flowers are forming and they will burst open any day now.

Early daffs forming flowers.
Spring does a lot for us as a family as we seem to come alive with activities.  The kids after hankering down during the winter are now seeming to be busy little bees with heaps of events that mum's taxi service has been in high speed dispatch lately.  Tonight is parent teacher evening and I am looking forward to speaking to his teacher about issues that I have with them not paying attention to his records. Yet again I expect to get told by one of his subject teachers that they did not know he is a dyslexic or that he is a registered young carer. At least I will have my C sock toe of my A-Z KAL project to finish so I can wait patiently without killing one of the teachers in the disorganised chaos that is a high school parent teacher evening.
Warning she knits so she does not kill!
I had finished off the first sock but since daughter is doing a hankering for it I have ripped it back and will redo the toe so that it fits her foot.  It will be a little bit wide on her cause I was doing them for me but it really is case the possum content in this yarn has it in for me. I am not going to reknit both socks from scratch just the toes cause that was were it was too dangerously baggy. She has not reacted to it so it looks like she is getting another pair of green socks for her collection.