Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Undertaking another mission impossible

On Saturday evening when I got home from work the daughter, Ry, pointed out that she has less than three weeks before she is off on a history trip to Greece with college.  She had been reviewing her wardrobe and as a result I had a new mission impossible.

Good evening, Kotaatok.

You mission Kota, should you decide to accept it is to knit your daughter a Carnaby Skirt by Nickiol Lohr. As always, should you or any of your knitting team be caught up in life or be swapped by work demands, the Knitting Collective aka Ravelry will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

This message will self-destruct when you have less than 10 rows to complete on the button bands.  

Good luck Kota.

So around work for the last couple of days I have been knitting panels of this skirt for her. I should of finished it last night but the mission impossible of the deadline and a sudden upswing in work demands has meant that I have been delayed a day. It is a quick knit and I am tempted to make more items like this possibly for me but not this pattern as I have an arse and womanly hips. Daughter also thought to throw some wrinkles into the pot when she worked out that I had another bag of yarn and wants something else to go with the skirt.  

The issue is what else? Even though some really good suggestions have been made by other Ravelers (Ravelry website users) Ry has not been that enthusiastic. Her responses have been classic teenage understatement of "That's nice". For those who don't remember the exact teenage tone and linguistic meaning it translates to "Fine mother but Never in Holy Hell will I wear it". Head desk moment before I revert to violence. I have a circular needle in my hands so I could garrotte her very very easily.