Thursday, 13 January 2011

OOOOh where did you get those?

This morning I was wearing the new socks and I visited someone who has new cream carpet down. Being a typical Territorian I took my shoes off at the door - habit you just dont wear shoes indoors. And all of a sudden there was a Ooh where did you get those? from one of the others who was visiting our friend. After asking for clarification that she was referring to my socks I explained to Visitor H that I knitted them. She just could not believe that someone could knit socks.

I could of have been a bit sarkie but I realised that she was secretly lusting after a pair for herself. So I suggested that she knit herself a pair. But I don’t know how to knit socks was her reply. After going through her recent projects, such as the MIL Christmas cardigan. I pointed out to Visitor H she could do this pattern no problems at all once she got the handle of using DPNs or a Circular Needle. Both tools she has not before as she has always knitted on long straights like her Nan. So I think I will be setting her up with the pattern and providing the coaching on this we next meet up to talk about the CSR organisation we are all involved with.

I also introduced a couple of the others to Ravelry and I think I may have caused a conversion or two to the dark side of lots of knitting thanks to the various ohhs and arhhhs about Ravelry. So if I get knitters knitting more this month and possibly another sock knitter or two I will be well happy......

PS the stump sock is going well but I just have to stay awake enough to finish it. I better get a wiggle on cause it will be late if I don’t.