Sunday, 2 January 2011

Knitting madness

It appears that I am not the only one in several of my Ravelry groups that I regularly hang out in who are doing the 52 in 52 weeks project.  Some of my fellow rum drinkers in the RavTav are doing similar things.... Must be all the virtual rum we drink in this tavern. God help us if we actually met up in person we would need someone with the bail money to get us out of the local clink.

So I now have 2 items from Xmas knitting finished: 
  • the Limoncello shawl from before New Years 
  • and I have just blocked out my latest shawl, Zertzeta, which was started at midnight on New Years Eve.
I am sort of excited about the little shawlette Zertzeta as it used my first ever attempt at lace weight hand spun. Spinning of this BFL Fibre took about a week and I tried very hard to be consistent. However, I did not manage that very well so the fibre ranges between fingering weight and cobweb. When I attempted to work out my meterage of course the kitchen scales then decided to go kaput so I can only do a visual estimate that I had about 300m from 100 gms of fibre. I have made a little shawlette out of the same pattern that I did last year, the Hurani, but this time it went so much quicker because it appears that I actually enjoyed the pattern since I was hanging on a thread to see if I could make it to the end.  Was it the thrill from wondering if I would have to make it to the end of the chart with my available yarn.  It was a bit touch and go even with the crochet bind off. My new version of the Hurani is not as big as the one I did last year but it looks pretty all stretched out on the blocking boards. Unblocked it was the size of a headscarf and it did not stretch that much more when I blocked it out.

Pictures of the latest shawls will come about as soon as we get enough daylight. It has been very very overcast here this week and we hopefully will see some light soon...... I am starting to count down the days to spring. So have a picture of the last Hurani that I did last year.

Hi Ho this little Xmas elf has to go and do some more Xmas knitting so I am going to start one of A-Z KAL (knit along) socks.