Saturday, 8 January 2011

An evil sock thought

I have in the past made stump socks for my husband and I have even darned them for him - ah the price of love. These socks have been natural and neutral colours like light brown, beige, cream and white. I have even knitted and handled wool during the tropical moonsoon season for him. Just thinking about it almost makes me break out with prickly heat. I have even managed to get suitable materials in the middle of the Never Never before the start up of the internet shopping for his sodding stump socks. I must love the bugger cause I have even driven excessive amounts of miles.

The Todd River in Alice Springs
I am reminded of one ocassion where I did a road trip of over a 2000 miles (3000kms) under a tight time frame to visit the prosthetic clinic to collect his socks for him. He had ripped his silicone stump sock and I drove from Alice Springs to Darwin to collect a new one from the Royal Darwin Hospital Prosthetic clinic, organised an express international parcel delivery to Malaysia where he was doing a short visit to another university and then drove the return journey back to work and the kids in Alice Springs in less than 36 hours. While I visited the clinic I also picked up another 10 pairs of various types of knitted stump socks for him which I dropped off at our home in Darwin on my way past. He was on a jolly to KL and I had to do a short work trip to Alice at the same time.  I had taken the kids down to visiting the extended family while I worked or else we would have been cooked. I was wise enough to leave them with the Greats (several of my aunts, uncles and of course my gran) in Alice rather than do the road trip with me as they were only very young. I think Ry was three-ish and Rh was only about one.
Last pair of boyish sock that I knitted for Rh.
But his recent ribbing about my handknitted socks being stolen by my 14 year old boy, Rh, has made me think of a slightly evil thought.  I wonder if I could make him a stump sock out of some of the feminine coloured left over sock yarn that I have hanging about. Previously I have used these tail ends for little projects such as easter eggs, Amigurumi projects and minor timmings when required. We have an anniversary coming up next week as it will be 20 years since we got engaged on the 12th of January. I just wonder if I have enough left of my Yarn Yard Cairn skein in Lavender to make him a matching stump sock to my new pair of artichoke socks.  I could then give to him as an anniversary gift...  He would have to wear it then....  hee hee an evil witch like cackle that goes on and on...