Saturday, 5 June 2010

It is now June...

Well yet again I have been surprised by my workload and the continued demand for my services in my paid work.  Add to that the household and other organisations that I am involved in  so life has been a little busy.  But last weekend was a wet long weekend and I actually got quiet a lot accomplished. So much so that the mammoth tinking job was finished and actually finished the shawl.

Yo Mel,  Calling on Mel  Guess what I have some photos .  A couple of months ago the lovely Mel suggested that I provided some photos on my blog.  So a bit of shout for her is necessary.  Lets just say that I tend to be challenged by the organisation required to have nice photos and attach them to projects.  It is actually so bad sometimes items get out the door and I am left waiting for recipients to give me a snap shot. I just have to stop doing last minute rush jobs .....  LOL  that is never going to happen.

This shawl is some Babylonglegs DK in Goblin which I saw at the Ravelry day in Coventry and just had to had cause it was the greens that my Ry would just love. As some lovely commentators mentioned I knit an awful lot of green, yeap I know she has a real green fetish. It has gone past an addiction it is a compulsion which she has great enjoyment in collecting even more green.  I have made this for her birthday, later this month, and being her mother I can guarantee that I most certainly have not let that surprise out the bag cause she would never read a blog in which her mother was talking about anything let alone knittting.  Way uncool.....  Actually at the moment she is pouting cause she thinks that will encourage me to give this shawl to her.  She currently thinks that I am swapping it with someone.

As per normal I had the some difficulties with my swatch it down right lied to me. So I had to fudge some of the charts to meet my metre-age issues.  I can count.  My family knows I can as they hear me every time I cast on when I repeatedly check the number of stitches I have cast on.  Sssh  I am casting on.  God or what ever is their deity help anyone who feels that they will be silly bugger and help my counting with a number interjection.  I have sharp pointy things and I will impale them on these items.  But I somehow keep stuffing up my calculations about appropriate yardage to complete the pattern in gauge.  I can do algebra and calculus but I can not do this calculation.