Saturday, 29 May 2010


Lately I have spent more time tinking rather than knitting. To the point that some have commented that I am a world class expert on knitting in reverse.

I had got to almost finishing my fifth pair of central leaves on my shawl and I ended up tinking back to the second pair of leaves..

At knit night this week I ended up helping one of the members to tink back her  Lady February sweater to find her problem.  It seemed that anyone who had a problem with a pattern I have previously knitted tapped my knowledge to sort there problems out.  First it was a woman's sized sweater, next it was a baby sweater both having an Elizabeth Zimmerman connection.   I also got hit up to bring my book in for Xmas C who is having a baby.  I think I will be getting my layette patterns out.  I know that she will be doing another baby blanket but I have rave about the blanket she finished the other week - I can see a shortage of Zauberball occurring.  Check this out.   It has to be seen to be believed. It is even more beautiful when looking at it in person.

Today I have got back on track but I am trying to get ahead on my self imposed challenge for 2010.  Yes I signed up for the the 10 in 2010 shawl challenge.  So far I have completed four.  The current Falling Leaves shawl is number 5 for this year and I have a back log of projects lined up.  I have to finish up a heck of a lot of projects and do a lot of paper work for uni this weekend so the long weekend will be a working weekend.  Thank goodness it is a wet weekend so I am not tempted buy the sunshine.