Monday, 30 March 2009

Dissertation madness continues

Not getting much done creatively and it is getting to real nightmare. I often knit on the train and today I took J's vest on the train with me and everyone just stared. It may have been the size of the vest, it may have been the circulars (which I managed to pick up the other day) or it may have been that I was knitting.

I am having to knit more frequently in public thanks to my work and the lack of sanity I am getting. I find that knitting is perfect for controlling my BP and reducing the stress levels along with the frequency I call upon divine intervention. Some of my colleague can assess my mood by my knitting speed as have the nickname of Madam Dufarge. I knit when I can in meetings as it helps me concentrate or else I doodle my way through the meeting and have to be brought back to the point. It also helps me keep a control my automatic impulse to call a spade a spade reaction. Being a typical Aussie it is a little blunter than just a spade.