Monday, 20 April 2009

No more dissertations and knitting mojo fades- Help?!

Well the end of the semester is drawing near we have 6 weeks to go to the Academic boards.  All the dissertations are in as of  15:35 on Friday the 17th April, 2009.

Well after not having time to knit over the last couple of weeks the knitting mojo left me over the weekend, even though I had dropped into the local yarn store to add to my stash.  Oh woe is me my knitting mojo has faded. But I have finished the gorilla sized vest.

It is probably due to how tired I am thanks to running 24 x 7 over the last couple of weeks with the dissertation panic. 

On a brighter note I have got tickets to Ravelry UK day in June.  I have even booked the weekend off so that the I don't have to drive at the crack of dawn, but now it is a case of getting the knitting mojo back into gear for the graduation gifts that I need to finish before the last week of July.

So I am off to have another of wine that is probably another reason why the mojo has faded as it is probably slightly pickled but a little celebratory drink is in order for a day or two.