Sunday, 15 March 2009

Half way

After some seriously long haul slugging I have managed to knit J's vest to the halfway point the back is completed. I still have not managed to get a new 4mm circular needle and my hands and arms are killing me.

The lovely man aka Husbeast, the Silverback Gorilla or J has organised a treat for me since I have been working like the clappers in the day job for his birthday - he is sending me to a dying day.. whoo hoo I get to play all day.

... hang on is he organising this so he can laze the whole day away and not be roasted by this stress bunny boiler who happens to be his wife..

I think this could be the reason why he wants me out of the house.

I have been roped into one of my workplaces talent day to demonstrate dying and other creative activities. I think I will need to get some samples dyed up on the dye day and get organised.