Saturday, 7 March 2009

Approaching Mt Everest

After swatching like made for Ry's request I have lost the plot with her and suggested that she make it herself.

I had wound 10 skeins of Hacho by hand and I thought that is it I am never ever doing this by hand ever again when I get the chance I am so buying a new swift and ball winder. After swatching I cast on his vest on 3.75mm in 2x2 ribbing with 140 stitches with the extra ease he likes. Now this is the point my 4mm circulars went walkabout. I have cast on the front band on 3.75mm while I placed the back on a 4mm straight needle. Do you think I could find the mate of the 4mm. I am going to have to find the other needle and then do a lightening fast trip for some circulars. I prefer knitting on circulars as it is good for my arthritis and the weight of the project doesnt hang on my hands. With a vest or sweater for J I have no choice but to do it on circulars if I want to ever get it finished. He is a big bodied man who measures 72cm from shoulder to waist.

Mr Postman has been and I have to get some more cause while I initially planned to do a shawl for me I think this will now have to be a kimono for me. I need a couple more cardigans for work cause it is all about the layers in the office. I managed to block out the weekend lace shawl in blues so all I need know is the photo so I can update my ravelry project pages .

But here is the kicker I need to find the camera first as it also have gone walkabout too.