Saturday, 19 September 2009

Travelling Woman Number 3

Well I had got so far but I think the last pattern return of Block A of this shawl pattern has been ripped back about three times so far. I keep running out of yarn. Found a snippet added it on and still did not get far enough to cast off on the border.

I ended up have to dye a matching skein so that I get this shawl finished. So here we go tinking back the rows and lets just say I am tinking tinking and still tinking back. After another week of interruptions that have affected my ability to finish this project I still have not managed to finish it.

Last Sunday afternoon I had a little dyefest and managed a reasonable amount of dyeing. I managed to get some really lovely teals and a batch of autumn leaf colours.

During the week at the most boring inservice between sessions I managed to cast on a Möbius scarf for Motorcycle girl's girl friend. The last Möbius has been repeatedly borrowed by the girlfriend that Motorcycle girl has placed a request so that the GF has her own.

Action plan this week:
  • Finish off the Travelling Woman No 3
  • Finish off Möbius No 2
  • Get another BSJ done for yet another sprog
  • Start on Birthday gift for Kayleigh