Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The First day of September

Well the First day of September has arrived and if I was the other side of the equator I would be celebrating the first days of spring but unfortunately it is the first days of Autumn here. The Arctic winds have kicked in and we have had rain and no sun now for almost three weeks now. There has been a distinctive chill in the air in the morning which tells me Winter is on its way.

It is the last week of the school holidays so I have made it a priority to finish off some UFO's and outstanding chores over the next week. Between work I hope to have a couple of chores knocked off as soon as possible.

As this month is my birthday I have been leaving hints with the family that I would like them to actually remember it for once. I am still peeved about no present last year and I have a feeling that it will be missed yet again.

The Third Travelling Woman shawl has been cast on and I am looking forward to getting it a little longer than the earlier ones. I have also cast on a Möbius for a student of mine who has just brought herself a scooter to travel in and out of university. I also have to start thinking about what preezies I have to make for Christmas and some birthdays that are coming up.

Auntie knitting is getting so far behind that I am getting to the point were it is no use panicking as I have not got time to do it.

Chris for SnB thinks I must have smoke on my needles for the last week but it really a case of my job list is getting taller and taller.