Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Sea Robin's Egg Caps

Well I had finally finished that troublesome Travelling Woman no 3 and got it blocked after much determination to get it finished. It has been done and was taken slightly damp to knit night. I just had to show someone it was FINISHED!!!! Husbeast's comments of "That is nice dear", just does not cut it like afirmation by other knitters.

While it was drying I managed to complete the 2nd motorcycle girl Möbius.

Since the TW was finished I wanted a couple of quick knits to help with the Xmas list. So I cast on a Robin Egg Cap for Ry and it was such as quick knit up that I finished after knit night. I cast on the next one and finished it in a night.

I think to help get some of the knitting mojo back for the next week or so I will be doing little projects and leaving the Beast aka Js waistcoat on hold. I also have to get cracking on the birthday present knitting for K, as soon as possible. So I had undertaken action on most of the last weeks objectives.

Action plan for the next week.
  • Complete Birthday present for K, ASAP!!!!
  • Finish the BSJ which is currently on the needles and make a matching pair of booties.
  • Finish the baby kimono jacket for FM
  • One more item off the Xmas list!