Friday, 19 June 2009

Vanquished the Poison dwarf

After a couple of weeks of ups and downs thanks to changes at home and work, I have finally vanquished the poison dwarf who had been repeatedly responsible for the piling up the paper work on my work desk. Success! I have found the laminate wood pattern that I knew was there but had not seen since who knows when, probably Christmas!

As some know we are a family of vertical filers in the household but my desk is one place where I really don't like vertical filing as it means that I lose work that I need to attend to as I have to work top down so that I can find the keyboard and the mouse.

At home I thought I had got the kids trained to leave MUM's desk well alone but lately with rearrangements this rule has seemed to go out the window along with many others.

Work wise it looks like I am being roped into lots of summer support for allied health students so that means I probably get split shift days which I don’t mind as it means I get some time to do things I like doing in the daylight such as dying and knitting complicate lace patterns. Yes I do have more than one project on the go as there are different projects for different situations ie kids football, school plays, waiting for students. Simple socks are a good standby for pickup and put down projects along with repetitive boring expansive knitting like miles of stocking stitch for the husbeast jumper/vest etc. [ the man has a very very long body from shoulder to waist!!!]

One of the real irks for me in the last couple of weeks has been how work has impacted on my knitting mojo and my lack of progression on several projects. It really really does not help when you are rolling in the front door at its almost 9pm at night and you have been up since before 5am and basically have worked for almost 15 hours with only very short breaks to get a sandwich or a wee wonder in.

Whoo hoo I actually slept in this morning and by 10:20 managed to clear the desk to the point where thought hey you can do all the updates you like and then spend some time knitting before seeing students this afternoon. So Update Done Check! Off to knit in the sunshine Check!