Sunday, 21 June 2009

Buggy's Bee Socks

Well after a little pottering round yesterday I finally got to caste on for the second time (first time had to be frogged) the Daughter's next pair of socks. Was at Preston SNB session and MrsTessyman had skein of Buzz by Wyndwitch which was so appropriate for the daughter who has the multiple nick names around Buggy or Bugsy. So yours truly ordered some up pronto. The dilemma was how long would she want the socks - daughter has two sock lengths - short ankle highs and long knee highs (especially when you see how long those legs are). So being prepared I think make that two skeins cause knowing her she will want them long again.

What do you know she wants them short! So this means I am going to have some left overs which I think I will try and do her a pair of fingerless mittens to match her socks.