Monday, 29 June 2009

One sock hiatus

Normally I do not have a problem with finishing a pair of socks off but at the moment I am suffering from one sock hiatus. Now it could be due to the current workload of trying to sort out the end of the financial year documentation. All the nursing students who are coming out the wood work require specialist tuition and just being a busy mom.

Or it could be the fact that I am down to three needles and St Anthony has not kicked in and found the missing two other needles although there has been frequent requests. You are slacking St Anthony you are normally more efficient and effective than this.

Have a one sock hiatus in this household should technically be a problem as J technically only wears one sock – the stump sock. But I was not knitting for him I was knitting for our size 0 (US) size 6 (UK) Skinny Minnie of a daughter with her long and very narrow foot. Unfortunately this means that the finished sock will not fit on the stump. I could make it fit but the thought of even more amputation on that leg he just won’t agree to. Why what’s wrong with another two or three inches off that leg. “ More like 6 since it includes the knee joint”. Ok Ok so that won’t work but it was a potential solution to the issue.

So the solution is ....... Well we could do several things like tidy round the couch to find the missing dpns. Nah sounds too much like housework. Wait for the payments to come in and then buy a new set of dpns. Knowing my luck the sods will be slow in payment and when I finally get the cash the buggers won’t be in stock or I buy another set and the missing miscreants turn up. I think I will fall by that old faithful stop looking and then they will turn up all by themselves since they are no longer being the centre of attention.