Saturday, 6 June 2009

UK Ravelry Day!

Well I had a lovely day in a wet and slightly windy Coventry today. After setting off with plenty of time we got there just in Time the city planner who designed that ring road system should be shot.

It was a lovely day and I indulged in some stash collection activities which have unsurprisingly made their way home to my hummm its pretty pile and now have the question of will I have enough for whatever project I have envisioned.

Unfortunately by mid-afternoon I was totally shattered to the point where I could not keep the eyes open. I ended up calling up the tiddlywinks to ask for husbeast to come and collect me early. They have had a lovely day playing tourist and visiting the Cathedral sites! After a mini siesta in the coffee shop much to the amusement of other Ravellers I was removed back to the hotel for a further snoozing to recuperate from my over activity at the UK Ravelry Day.

Watch out I have already advised that family I am booking in for the week camp next year in Stirling and I AM GOING come rain, hail or sunshine! Which means that come hell or high water I will be there what that’s the plan any way.