Thursday, 26 February 2009

Xmas Vest Completed

Rh Xmas request has been completely finished except for the damn photo.

I have finished a couple of more wash cloths this week as it I have not been up to a big knit project as I am loosing my brain cells thanks to the dissertation madness which is currently going on at the various university campus which I work on.

I started crocheting another sample for Ryanna's dress in her selected colours from the shopping trip and yeap I am going to be in for the high long haul. She has turned her noise up at the two colours in the correct yarn for this project. :head desk:

The retail therapy has continued as I have ordered 3X Ruby red coloured Buttermilk DK from Ecoknits along with some Strawberries and Cream which is handmade by Kristina aka Wydnwitch.