Saturday, 17 January 2009

Pink BSJ with Crochet Collar

Work did get in the way but I have finished it. I would say that it took two full nights of knitting.

In the middle of the week I was starting the planning and organisation for our attendance at J&E's wedding in August. We have received our invitation this week and done the RSVP so it was this point that a blonde blue eyed girl (Ry) who has been a slightly green eyed girl pops up with her request.

"Mum I want to wear a crochet dress to the wedding. In my favourite colour Of course!" The green eyed monster envy has not been helped by my knitting on Rh vest along with her recently almost continuous flicking through the Rowan magazine. I started a swatch up in some of the left over teal as she said that she would not mind some of that green that I used for the Jedi jumper. It was OK initially but when I got further into the pattern it did not hang well and I had to dissuade her that it was not going to work out in that wool. So now the grand search for a yarn that is suitable and available in her favourite colour. I have had previous experience with Ry that even if I find the correct yarn for the project I could be running into some difficulties in getting the colour she would like it in.... I think I could be in for the long haul with this project.

Will continue swatch colours for her and in the mean time get on with Rh Xmas knitting request.