Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Wishing you all a Happy New Year

For 2014 I am working on so many hopes but the key one is that I hope to keep improving health wise.  Daughter has been home for a short University Christmas New Year break.

It has been wonderful for us to have her home.  Lots of coffee, lots of chats and the house has become noisy again.  Daughter has certainly sparked things up over the last couple of weeks.  She came home just in time for Christmas Eve.  Served at Midnight Mass with her brother. He managed to burn his thumb relighting his candle as he was on duty as an acolyte.  They did the big procession in and we had some of the oldy but goody Christmas hymns. I was so worried that world war three would start on the altar but apparently there was no blood.

As a recognised invalid I get a visit from my own personal special minister i.e. my son.  Hopefully this year daughter will get a chance to become a special eucharistic minister and then we will have three in the family.  His dad is one too but doesn't get rostered on as they seem to think he has enough on his plate with me. Only thing now is to get the eucharistic minister rota maker to talk to the altar server rota maker to make sure that they don't get two different shifts on the same day. The boyo got two different jobs at two different mass times.  He was not impressed.

Crafting wise daughter has helped me with a lovely Christmas pressie.  Ry bagged up 12 balls of sock wool and gave it to me as part of my Christmas gift.  Each bag has a theme challenge and hopefully I will have a full sock draw again. I swear we have a resident sock monster or two in this household beside the boyo.

Rh has no quarms about wearing his mother's feminine lace patterned socks when he is short of a pair.  It seems that rolling them down under the padded collars of his boot shafts. With a pair of long pants over the top none of his mates are going to see his socks.  Rh got a santa sock full of socks so hopefully my lacey pairs won't go walking into his room yet again.

Grumpy aka the husbeast loved his Christmas gauntlets that I knitted for him.  I just wish he would learn his left from his right hand.  Maybe he will do so this year.  Well anyway best wishes and hope you and yours have a happy and safe year.