Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Rumpelstilskin Challenge

This year as like many other years I am trying to stash down, go cold sheep basically de-clutter my stash down to a realistic and manageable size.  I joined the Rumpelstiltskin Challenge back in 2011 and I decided as part of the get back into the swing of things to continue with this challenge.   

The aim of the challenge is to make the use of what you have to at hand. Spining gold from the straw at hand.  So far I have worked through the knitting basket in the lounge room.  I have made two pairs of socks and working my way on a third pair of socks.  Don't tell the Yarn Harlot but I am actually ahead and on target for my Christmas knitting.  I am attempting to get a head of the game and not have a horror December like I did about five years ago where I was still knitting on a present in the early dawn hours of Christmas morning.  Never again.  If I can manage to make one or two items per month for the Christmas List I will well ahead of the game. I am planning to have a goody box for each member of the family so there will a range of pressies for them bit like a packet of liquorice all sorts.

Today I cast on the third pair of socks, Kalajoli socks.  The pattern is very nice and since I have managed to do so much of the sock today I am sure that this pattern will be a repeat again this year. When I can almost do one whole sock in about three hours it definitely rates my repeat knitting list.

The biggest problem I have at the moment is that we haven't had a great amount of life so photos  have been impossible to do.  I keep trying but I keep getting foo bared by the weather and lack of light.

Soon as I get enough light I will be staging a photo shoot to update my Ravelry projects pages and to have some new photos for the blog. I also want to play with my camera.  I need to learn all the settings and all that since it is a wiz bang digital SLR.