Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New Years Resolutions

My new years resolutions tend to be goal orientated.  Daughter gave me one with her own personal sock bag challenge.  I am of course going to jump back into the 12 scarves in 12 months.  I have to get the Christmas pressie stock pile back up to scratch as the cupboard is completely bare there is nothing in the stockpile of just in case.

I want to get back treadling more frequently so I am aiming to be using my wheel at least one night per week. This year I want do some stash downing not just with balls of wool but also with fibre.  Apparently this is known as going COLD SHEEP. Rh has been giggling muchly about this phrase.  Since I am stash downing and wrangling control of the stash I have also signed onto the  'Unf$%k Your Habitat' bandwagon.  I am doing the modified version for the chronically ill,  At the moment I am interpreting the rules as 20 minutes on one area or chore per day.  I have even managed to get the rest of the household to sign up to the program as well.

Daughter also gave me another goal for this year that I start my Christmas knitting early. Boxing Day she puts in her next years Christmas order so I can get onto it early.  Hint Hint.  Not only that she did the big wonderful puppy dog eyes on New Years day and I ended up knitting a scarf hood for her finishing off the short deadline just in time for her to catch the train back to York on the 4th.  I just have to get a photo from her of her wearing said item.

I have already started this month sock three times. Really just confirming that I can not use double pointed needles for sock. I am not a magic loop knitter for socks.  For other projects yes. Socks Nope.  The sock has been kicking my butt so of course I have cast on some lace just to totally confuse myself between the two charted patterns.

The shawl I have cast on is not that complex but it has as a project helped me to get back into lace knitting.  Of course I have to make it slightly difficult for self as I am knitting this one in acrylic. The intended giftee of this project is currently residing in a care home so easy wash options was the necessary choice for the material selection.