Monday, 22 August 2011

New Meds

The thought of summer free time sustained me through many months of the last academic year but I was deluding myself. I thought. I just thought. That is where I made my mistake. I made it by thinking that I could actually think about a time when there was not some drama lama invading my consciousness.

Yes I have felt like I was falling falling.

Since April I have been on new meds as the recent skin issues have acerbated something I have had for over 20 years.  My spoonieness has been confirmed for the last 9 years when I started to limit my actions due to my condition.  But right now I have not had any action or activity in my life as I have had several quacks (medical professionals) play around with my medication regime. It has been so bad I have not been able to work. Shock horror me not lerking in the workplace how will the library not fall down. A great side effect is that I have been seeing lovely things in my induced granny naps. Things like this blue hippo. I would not mind if I saw him again in the flesh as it would mean either I was in Paris or New York. Either place for a short visit would be nice..

Dreaming really odd things!
The side effects of new meds is I dont feel like I am getting much of anything done in life from the list:
  • housework (optional of course), 
  • university work (not optional they pay the bills), 
  • work pdp (must maintain certification to maintain paycheck thus not optional), 
  • children (they never stop being demanding), 
  • knitting (to many things to do and not enough time), 
  • family commitments (not meeting them so yet again I am in the dog house again with the family)
  • associations (not being a very good executive member)
  • doctors ( struggling to get to appointments and do everything they ask)
ZZZZZZZZ  sorry I am supposed to get something done.  I  think I will just turn over and have another 20 minutes. when I wake up I might even knit a row which I will probably have to rip out later.