Sunday, 9 May 2010

Spinning Swaps

Well | have had a bit of win win weekend . Weekend off work. Time to spin and hubby has replaced my card reader so photos are now getting snapped and loaded at a great rate.

Came home on Friday to four parcels so I have swap goodies. Some photos will be displayed below.
Spinning wise I managed to spin and ply my goodies from Sabo in the Easter fibre swap and I was so thrilled with what I have meterage wise. I am getting better and more consistent and my joining is working well there are few boo boos but that what makes what I have done unique.


Daughter took the photos so of course there is a cat in them.  She likes the cat more than her mother's yarn.

Daughter being the teenager that she is complained this morning about the noise of mum's spinning wheel treadle waking her up.  The repetitive clunk clunk clunk apparently was driving her barmy.

I opened four parcels on Friday and if we have some decent light I would take more photos but it was a case of what you can get with our current light conditions.




I got a box of yarn from one swapper yeap a BOX I still have not worked out where to start with that one.  See yah off to breath some more yarn fumes.