Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Playing in the Dye Pot

With the end of the school holidays and the start of the academic year I felt that I need to do some dyeing. After being in total withdrawl I had a wonderful morning on Sunday playing in the dye pot while daughter was asleep and the boys were out at Football. So I have some finished products to show off. There is some that we will not be talking to a little black cat about - she who never plays with yarn unless it is on the drying rack.

Dyeing wise I forced myself to do some Autumn colours since it was the start of the Autumn term. There are some trees which are starting to turn yellow and orange and I think we could be into colourful autumn display thanks to the recent early cold snap. I also worked on some greens for the daughter. I am thinking about knitting her a Christmas sweater . Think is the key word in that sentence as she is like her father and is very long in the body.