Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Oink Oink fall out.

Unfortunately thanks to some students turning up to graduation while they were sick and contagious with Swine Flu and so I went down with the darn bug. Initially I thought it supposed to be a mild flu and I am not feeling that bad. So therefore I will get some knitting done and then it hit with the full dose. It hit, kicked, whacked and threw me a heck of a curve ball. After sleeping for almost ten days and feeling like I had just done ten rounds with Mike Tyson or a road train or both. I have not made a stitch of knitting for a whole two weeks. Shock horror I have not picked up a set of needles for a whole two weeks.

For the last week I have tried to pick up needles but the mojo is gone and I keep going back and making my Rip Van Winkle impersonation. I pick up the needles do some work but since I have been so dopy and ditzy I have made huge mistakes that can not be tinked but have to be ripped back. I have ripped back so often now that I just have not got any enthusiasm. I actually think I have ripped that far back that I am now ever further behind. I have had a couple of finishing jobs to do and I hoped that will re start my knitting bug but this has not seemed to work at all. I am still trying to find my lost knitting mojo.

I also think that Summer has something to do with it but I want my mojo back. I want to get my projects finished and I am so sick of the Unfinished Objects that are cluttering my work bags.