Saturday, 7 February 2009

Weekend Lace Wrap finally Finished

After some ups and downs I managed to finish the Weekend Lace Wrap there are a couple of creative adaptations which I am going to keep as I just can not be arsed to fix. I am so over this knit if I worked on this item any more I think I would have thrown it into the kitty litter. It is pretty but I am not ready to do lace again in a long long while. Lace is still my hoodoo guru.

I have cast on a BSJ on and finished it one night. I then cast on a second BSJ in rock bright colours. The news about the bush fires at home as me on tender hooks I just can not sleep as we are worrying about people at home in Oz. We are wondering if Uncle and his family are safe. We also have friends in the key area who no one has heard from. I just can not sleep.