Friday, 3 June 2011

Finished Object Friday

After having a couple of weeks of really being stalled in knitting land I have actually managed to finish a few things this week despite having a fibromyalgia flare up week. I have finished a green stole which is currently stretched out and being blocked. I have stuffed my hedgehog that I made way back in April.  He just needs a decent photo in daylight. I have even worked my way towards finishing my crocus shawl. I feel it needs another foot or so as soon as the blocking mat allows it will be heading there.

Today was a POETS day for me which has been good for fiddlely little bits. I have managed to cast on another pair of socks my K pair for the KAL just in the nick of time. I just have to finish off some of them.  I also have looked longingly at other shawl patterns to cast on. I might make it to tomorrow without another shawl on the needles but I not holding my breath on it as it could be two or three shawls the way I am feeling with this bout of startisis.