Saturday, 4 June 2011


Or crocus in english.  This project has finally been finished.  It has more pick ups and put downs than most projects. To think that this project was first started in the planning stage back in 2009. Every spring I want to do a crocus project to celebrate these wonderful little flowers who are the sentinels of spring for me.  Back in the Spring of this year I finally cast on the project and used up two cones and then had to wait for the order of a third cone for it to arrive.  When the cone finally arrived the hook which was in the project had gone for a walk.  So the project was relegated back to the lounge work basket.  If it was there in lounge basket the reasoning was that it would get done as it would annoy me.  Hello that was the idea but the reality is that I did not work on this stole for almost three months.  Thank goodness for the recent FO mania and I have managed to knock this one off too.