Saturday, 10 April 2010

Grand National Week

Well we survived the Easter weekend including getting the boyo packed and on a plane on Wednesday in time to go off to Canada on a School ski trip.  Like all school trips were the children have to be at a certain location by a certain time we had the no show of school bus to transport them to the airport.  Thank goodness the school teacher whom was organising this trip had factored in additional time to cover the need to get a replacement bus in and get the hour or so the international airport.  She also factored in the M6 traffic , definitely showing off her prior experience and understanding of sodds law.

Work wise it was a total nightmare driving in and out of Liverpool  for work as I had to pass the major roads round Aintree to get home.  The drive on a couple of nights took over two hours but the plus side was seeing a stroppy police horse decide that he had had enough of people, traffic and everything .  Think one large stroppy police horse kicking out his back legs and refusing to be loaded into the police horse box transporters.  This is at Switch Island, which is a large major intersection and links to two motorways.   The other benefit has been the spring flower show which has been.  The sun has been out this week so we have had some glorious spring days, which I was wishing I was out in, but I had to do that swear word thing which pays for more yarn. 

I have managed to finish off some more baby knitting but this week was doing itsy bitsy of this and that.  I also got some spinning done and I did my first plying.  I was so proud of my plying and I had to show my hubby.  Silly Billy you really think he would be interested in plying and making of yarn.

Kotaatok:  Look Look I have plied  (bouncing and waving a piece of yarn in a small skein in front of husbands place so fast that he does not have a chance to focus on it)
Hubby: That’s nice dear…..  (OMG has she really flipped... keep calm.. don't frighten her or she will go off on one. Do I need to call those men in white coats from down the road for her now?)
Boyo had to call home on the Friday night so he could draw the Grand National Calcutta tickets for my rav swap group.  That was done and I now have to contact everyone and tell them of the outcomes.  Without the boyo in the house we have been missing something.  It just has not been the right for me not to have him home.  I have coped with other school trips, scout trips and European trips without me. It seems to be that he is on the other side of the world and I just simply miss my boyo.  I know that I am not the only one his dog has been mopping and the boy would be surprised to find out that his sister is too.  Her problem is there is no-one to bait and agitate.  She is also missing him for his ability to shoulder most of her chores which we thinks we are not aware of.   Nope now is the chance to make her catch up with chores that she has failed to complete.  Are you up for a cuppa?  Uggy make that two for us......